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Mt. Vernon's Celebration of Indiana's Bicentennial

June 28, 2016

Posey Torch Bearers Announced

Twenty Posey County residents have been contacted by the State of Indiana, notifying them of their nominations to become Torch Bearers in celebration of Indiana’s Bicentennial. The Torch Relay is patterned after the Olympic Torch Relay and Indiana’s Torch will pass through all 92 counties over a five-week period. Details about celebrations along the route will be announced at a later date. A specialized Mobile Visitors Center will also accompany the torch on its journey and will be located in Mount Vernon for River Days in front of the Coliseum on Third Street. The relay will culminate in Indianapolis on the Statehouse Grounds, with a special welcome ceremony and celebration. It starts on September 9, 2016 and ends October 15, 2016 on its 2,300 mile journey. The Torch will arrive in Posey County on September 11, with stops in Mount Vernon and New Harmony.


  • Ann Angle - New Harmony
  • Erik Arneber - in honor of his grandparents Kenneth Dale Owen and Jane Blaffer Owen
  • Paul Axton - Mount Vernon
  • Jonah Blevins - New Harmony
  • Tristan Bolte - New Harmony
  • Shane Harris - New Harmony
  • Judy Heberer - Mount Vernonernon
  • Charles Huck - New Harmony
  • Michelle Hudson - Mount Vernon
  • Juanita Hyatt - Griffin
  • Richard Keck - in honor of his father Bill Keck
  • Jerry King - Mount Vernon
  • Jerry Kuykendall - Mount Vernon
  • Marcia Lange - New Harmony
  • Leigh Ann Latshaw - New Harmony
  • Elizabeth Miller - Mount Vernon
  • Greg Oeth - Mount Vernon
  • Linda Warrum - New Harmony
  • Larry Williams - Mount Vernon

All of the Torchbearers were scored on Residency, Service, Achievements and Recognition.

From Ray Kessler, local historian and author

April 20, 2016

It has been a while since we updated this page and a lot of activities are on tap for the summer.

June, 2016

  • Relay for Life Event MVHS SAR Monument Rededication 6/25
  • Dann Lynn Ceremony 6/25
  • Art/Craft - Fest Riverbend Park and Storytelling 6/25

July, 2016

  • Lion's Fireworks - Music/Riverbend - Ice Cream Social - Waterball Fight 7/4
  • Mustang Club Cruise-In 7/9 4-8
  • Music The Duke Boys 7/23
  • Movie Night The Green Promise 7/30

May 18, 2015

Between now and the end of 2015, Posey County residents will have the opportunity to nominate 20 deserving individuals to run/walk/ ride carrying the Indiana Bicentennial torch though Posey County. The torch will travel through all 92 Indiana counties starting with the old capital of Corydon. Posey will be the third county to have the honor I believe and it will be here coinciding with Mt. Vernon's 200 year celebration. Our county will participate from border to border. Several criteria have to be met for participants. They must be able to carry the 5lb torch at least a quarter a mile, pass a criminal background check, resident or former resident of Indiana, have achieved personal or professional excellence, celebrity status, or made outstanding contributions to the community, region, county or state. Posthumous nominations will be accepted and a substitute torchbearer designated. To pick up a form, you must get it at Printcrafters...304 West 4th Street, Mt. Vernon, Indiana 47620. There are a few questions to fill out and a nomination statement to submit of not more than 250 words. No one can submit one's self. Completed forms should be mailed to Printcrafters. The reason of this address is because Becky Higgins is our county's representation in the State Bicentennial Celebration and only one location for forms is allotted by the state. Forms can be printed off line at We got plenty of time so pick up a copy and submit a suggestion for a worthy participant. Thank you.

May 15, 2015

Just want to say a few words about Mt. Vernon's Bicentennial Celebration for the 2016 year. We made around $200 for the IGA steak fundraiser last week. Dominio's Pizza gets us about $25 a month currently from the cut of a fundraiser they help us with once a week. Corporate donations are slow coming in other than a few places like Alles Bros. and Sabic which have been fantastic!

We want to do a book, the nicest yet ...hardback, 100-300 pages mostly of pictures... the best we have....but we need funds for advertising and help. The book will be 8 1/2 by 11" with a dust jacket....a real heirloom. Please help us companies by buying an ad when approached. The pricing is even better than the booklets sold in previous celebrations. I will be helping out on the book. There will be some writing, but mostly pictures to whet your appetite for more information. Each month of 2016 will have something going on. Finances determine product and services.

We will have the State Torch run through the county with runners carrying the flame in September. We will have an above ground time capsule. We are looking at cars and tractors along Main Street to see. We may have a craft beer tent for one evening. Keck Gonnerman and agriculture may set up for weekend. Arts and crafts are hoped for, church events maybe. We would like to see the Presbyterian Church do an organ show again. It was fantastic last year. We might have building tours and maybe a Bellefontaine Cemetery project telling the history of a few people of note. Ice cream social is a possibility as is bringing back the Fireman Water Ball Fight, T shirt sales, and maybe a commemorative coin.

Anyone interested in being on the committee can contact Becky Higgins at Printcrafters. Ideas are welcome. I know so many are involved with River Days and they do a fantastic job. We need more commitment to help us celebrate 200 years of Mt. Vernon. Come be a part.

We only get one chance to celebrate 200 years of Statehood. Let's make this a lot of fun and memorable.