Mt. Vernon Veterans

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Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)

Our Veterans

We Thank You for your service. It is with humble gratitude that we offer this page for the recognition of the many men and women, sons and daughters and family and friends who have served our country from Mt. Vernon and the surrounding area.

We hope this page to be a reflection of those who have contributed so much to our country, our freedom and our way of life. Any tributes, biography, personal interest, pictures and rememberances are welcomed. Help us build this into a lasting memorial lest we forget the lessons of their service.

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These soldiers from Posey County died while serving their country. We have gathered only their names, but every life is precious and everyone's story deserves to be told. If you would like to contribute a rememberance for one of these soldiers or sailors, please email the webmaster. If there are any corrections or omissions, please let us know: Veteran Update

Afghanistan - 2001-Present

James S. LeeMarine Corps2005

Vietnam - 1962-1975

Thomas Stephen HallMarine Corps1969
Franklin Earl Houck, Jr.Navy1969
James Alexander Myers, Jr.Navy1968
Larry Allen RushArmy1969
Lawrence Joseph ZellerArmy1969

Korea - 1950-1953

Tracy Charles BarterArmy1950
Paul D. ConlinArmy1951
Elmer E. GoldmanArmy1952
Edward Louis RussellMarine Corps1952
Francis J. WillArmy1953

WWII - 1939-1945

These soldiers died or are missing.

  • Jack S. Alldredge
  • Vernon O. Allyn
  • Roy E. Aud
  • Walter A. Cherry
  • John E. Curtis
  • Gilmore C. Deig
  • Lloyd E. Deuischer
  • James I. Elkins
  • William F. Euler
  • Herbert D. Farmer
  • James E. Fisher
  • Ross S. Fleming
  • Wallace W. Hancock
  • Cletus R. Hobgood
  • Guy W. Hosman
  • Alwyn E. Johnson
  • Herbert C. Kaufman
  • Jacob H. Kemmerling
  • Oscar M. Kessler
  • Lawrence J. Knapp
  • Bernard Luebbermann
  • Alfred Maddox, Jr.
  • Philip A. Martin
  • Jesse R. Matthew
  • Thomas I. Miller
  • Patrick L. Moore
  • Grover F. Neaveill
  • Authur F. Noelle
  • Frederick E. Nolte
  • Ollie W. Nuckolls
  • Ercil G. Overton
  • Wilfred G. Paul
  • Dyson Price
  • Ivan W. Ramsey
  • Marcellus A. Riedford
  • Royal E. Robb
  • Robert M. Rogers
  • Thomas L. Rutledge
  • Walter E. Schenk
  • Paul R. Schroeder
  • Harold C. Skelton
  • Darwin P. Smith
  • Porter L. Stallings
  • Allison W. Strauss
  • Eldon R. Tenison
  • Carroll E. Terry
  • William R. Thomas
  • Joseph P. Thompson
  • Harvey J. Ungethim
  • Lloyd E. Utley
  • James N. Walker
  • S. C. Weinzapfel
  • Frederick B. Welch
  • Robert L. Wenderoth
  • Malcomb E. Whipple
  • Willam M. Woolsey
  • Glenn D. York