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Posey County Historical Society

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Mt. Vernon, IN, has deep roots in agriculture and Ohio River activities. Since the settling of Posey County in the early 1800's, generations of hardy pioneers and modern day Hoosiers have lived in Mt. Vernon and the surrounding countryside. Industries have grown and in some cases, have died off or have been replaced by new ones. Grain milling, oil refining and river transportation have been long lived. Ax handle manufacturing, steam thresher manufacturing and soda pop bottling have come and gone.

This website is dedicated to good old Mt. Vernon, IN. We have found a few historical documents, stories and pictures that depict some of the life in MtV. We welcome your input, suggestions and personal stories to help make this site a growing and ever changing point-of-reference for our city. For Mt. Vernon residents and those who have moved away, the town remains in our hearts. Go Wildcats!!!

Webmaster note - April, 2016 - We have been including snippets of history collected and written by Ray Kessler, our resident historian. We helped pull some of these items into a collection of now 8 volumes. The 8th volume is in publication and will be available soon. Ray has donated a portion of the proceeds to the website and we are most grateful. If you would like to buy a copy of any or all the volumes of Ray's Ramblings, you may contact us here and we will forward the request to Ray. He is also on Facebook. Order Rays Ramblings

Ray Volume 1 Ray Kessler - Unplugged Volume 1 Ray Volume 2 Ray Kessler - Unplugged Volume 2 Ray Volume 3 Ray Kessler - Unplugged Volume 3
Ray Volume 4 Ray Kessler - Unplugged Volume 4 Ray Volume 5 Ray Kessler - Unplugged Volume 5 Ray Volume 6 Ray Kessler - Unplugged Volume 6
Ray Volume 7 Ray Kessler - Unplugged Volume 7 Ray Volume 8 Ray Kessler - Unplugged Volume 8
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